A conspicuous design feature

The function of a staircase extends far beyond merely allowing you to move between floors. It is a design feature that ties everything together. A central element in both private homes and commercial buildings.

We make staircases based on traditional craftsmanship, but using modern technology, a high degree of innovation and with the emphasis on functionality.

Customisation offers a wealth of possibilities

What about creating storage space under the stairs, or a handrail recessed into the wall? Floating treads? A staircase made from solid wood? Treads exactly matching other flooring materials?

We love a challenge! A good example is the 11m high, solid wood, winding staircase that we designed, built and installed in close collaboration with the architect.

Made in Norway at Eide

Our staircases are produced by Melby Snekkerverksted, which is located at Eide, near Molde.

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