01 Needs analysis

Whether the project is for you yourself or a client, we start by sitting down with you and finding out in as much detail as possible what it is you are looking for. Together, we agree on a starting point – the project’s requirements and your ambitions.

02 Draft design and detailed specification

Making sure design and quality pay in the long run is very important for us. Good ideas are given shape and polished into good solutions through a series of design drafts.

We take a few extra turns with you to make sure that everything is in place – down to the last little detail. From the item’s design and choice of materials to its production and installation dates.

03 Production

When the final draft has been approved, we talk it through with our production unit before we start making anything.

Customisation requires good communication at all levels, which is why it is a major advantage that all our production takes place in Norway.

04 Installation and quality assurance

Our installation specialists are experts in their field. We know that different solutions require skilled handling and smooth cooperation. Before we wrap up the job, we make sure that everything is in place and that you are completely satisfied.

We have lots of customers who come back to us time and time again. And for that, we are very grateful and, not least, extremely proud!

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