The best of Norwegian craftsmanship

We design and produce complete, exclusive and bespoke wood products, characterised by sustainability, quality and the very best of Norwegian craftsmanship.

It all starts with good wood. We use only the best quality. Sometimes we even go out into the forest to mark the best trees for felling. To make a quality product you need to know what kind of wood is suitable for the application you have in mind. And we are good at that.

We create customised windows, interior and exterior doors, staircases, kitchens, bathroom cabinets, wardrobes and other fitted furnishings.

The right materials and sustainable designs result in solutions that last.

Complete projects

We often undertake complete projects, which ensures the solutions and materials complement each other and produce a harmonious, unified look. We also accept commissions for individual, bespoke items.

Our customers range from structural and interior architects to contractors, construction firms and private individuals.

Made in Norway

With us, everything is made in Norway. And that is something we are particularly proud of. Our woodworking expertise has been acquired and developed over generations. We are three family firms that have built our businesses plank by plank until we have arrived where we are today.

Running a woodworking business is no 9 to 5 job – but that is what makes it so exciting. It is a lifestyle.

Local woodworking companies

Together, our three companies employ around 100 people. Carpenters and cabinet makers, installers, interior architects, administration staff, CAD and machine operators, etc. A group of people who are passionate about what they do, about good craftsmanship, good design and unique, custom-made products.

We manufacture at three different locations in Norway.
Hamran has been making kitchens and interior furnishings since 1930. They are located at Snartemo, near Lyngdal.

Established in 1950, Melby produces staircases and is located at Eide, near Molde.

The oldest firm among us is Meling. The current owner’s great-great grandfather started out as a boatbuilder in the 1800s. Today, Meling produces customised windows and doors at its premises in Kvitsøy.